Robbin is a thoughtful and encouraging instructor who guided us with kindness and knowledge. She is so talented at this art form and has a wonderful repertoire of techniques, many of which she invited us to try. Playing around and experimenting was the focus of this introductory workshop and we learned a lot.

Robbin is very good at making suggestions for improving our work, based upon the student's comments about his/her work. She offered suggestions gently and only when it was clear that the student wanted guidance. Her calm, pleasant demeanour made for a comfortable and accepting tone to the class.

She was extremely well prepared and had all of the materials set up so that it was easy to work efficiently, safely and with plenty of room. All of the materials were provided and well organized. She offered her own items to us to take home to complete pieces, if desired.

I also appreciated her willingness to stay later than the official time so that we could keep working (playing). It was so hard to stop!

I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in encaustic painting, and seeing how talented Robbin is, I am going to see if I can take other classes from her.

On Saturday, I attended another stellar workshop at your gallery and had an awesome time!
Linda is an excellent instructor who presented watercolour techniques in a straightforward and clear way, so I learned a lot! Her exercises were thoughtful and really helped us to learn the techniques so that we were ready to apply them to our own paintings. She gave very useful feedback and great encouraging comments, so that all of us gained confidence in playing around with watercolours.
Once again, I am delighted with your gallery and what you are doing to promote art. I am looking forward the other sessions that I have enrolled in.

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